So.. you just dropped a bunch of money getting your photos done with a  professional photographer..what now? Well, in this day and age you more than likely went with a photographer who gives out the digital images either via USB, or a disc with printing rights. This way, you can print your photos yourself, which is cheaper, and share with your friends and family online. Makes sense, right? You want to save money ... and it's easy as pie to go to a one hour studio and have the print to hang on your wall that night! We've all done it (myself included) Well..think again... 

You’ve just invested in a professional photographer to take amazing photos of you and your family.  Make sure that those incredible photos you’ve seen in the online photo gallery are just as incredible when you bring them home.  

I take such a HUGE amount of pride in my artistry..from the session, to hand picking and editing the very best of your imaging, white balancing, toning, color correcting, cropping and making sure your image is absolutely PERFECT before I hand it over to you. It pains me to see the difference in just the colour cast alone of these places, not to mention the quality of paper. 




Please note: These are not my pictures nor comparisons. I am however, looking to make my own in the future to share with you in person so you can truly see the difference opposed to seeing them on your computer screen.

The Differences Are More Than You Think

Professional photo labs and your local and online labs are two completely different items. Yeah, Walmart and Shutterfly/ Snapfish will entice you with free prints and cheap prices, but you’re not getting what you think you’re getting. You think your getting a print of one of your photos that will be able to last and survive the times. I’m sorry this just isn’t true.

Snapfish and Shutterfly

These two companies have been around for almost 20 years and have taken the market that use to be seen in stores when you dropped your film off. Film isn’t a big thing anymore and it was cost effective to move it online. Their endeavor to cut costs and be cost effective has them use paper and ink that is not the archival or museum quality. This is the reason they don’t care because they know you don’t even know that’s a thing.

Cheap, You Get What You Pay For

You may think there’s nothing wrong with cheap paper and ink. Let’s put this in perspective. Photographs of your family are important, wouldn’t you agree? What are two things you think about when your house catches on fire–pet and photos. Photos pass on the legacy of our time spent with someone or a moment you love to reminisce. It’s no secret that they’re important. Let’s put a pin in that thought and go to another industry to put it in perspective.

Furniture Industry

Shelby, what does the furniture industry have to do with printing photos? I’m glad you asked! We can all agree that there are two types of furniture fake pressed wood and real wood furniture. We all know that the fake wood furniture lasts maybe a few months to a year before it degrades rapidly. However, we’ve all know that piece of real wood furniture that Nanny has that is going to be passed on to the next generation. This is exactly the same with prints. One is made cheaply as possible and the other is made with quality materials.

What Am I Actually Paying For

Walmart, CVS, and Online printing like Snapfish and Shutterfly are getting you something in your hand as cheaply as possible. You’re paying the cheapest way that will last you a few months to a couple of years before ink fades and paper degrades. Professional print labs, like the one I use only offer quality prints that are archival and museum quality. These prints will last for 100 years in light and 200 years in darkness (like an album). You’re paying a little extra to have a photo that can be passed down to the next generation. Just like furniture you’re paying for something for your family legacy.

Preserve Your Legacy

In the age of digital media and phones with cameras it’s important to remember that digital photos are normally thrown away when we’re done with our phones, saved to a cloud, or on Facebook or Instagram. Once they’re gone they’re gone. You have nothing to hold onto. In our home we have several printed photos all over the house. It’s like a shield of happy memories surrounding our home.

Remember, You Get What You Pay For 





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