(photo; Hailey,Shelby)

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We are located in Saskatoon, Sk!

We strive for perfection and client satisfaction. We love capturing detail in photographs while paying close attention to the clients' personalities. We do all types of sessions ranging from family, couples / engagement , maternity, newborn, toddler, cake- smashes etc. (Catch our Boudoir work at The Babe Cave Studio!)

We look forward to hearing from you, working with you, and giving you memories to last a life time.

Shelby & Hailey 




I am Shelby, owner and creator of Beginnings & Beyond Photography. I am a wife and a mother of two daughters! 

Beginnings & Beyond Photography has been an established photography studio in Saskatoon specializing in everything from maternity, newborn, cake smash and beyond. Ontop of studio portraits, Beginnings & Beyond does on location outdoor shooting for families, couples and other types of photography sessions. I have even been as far as Mexico to shoot a wedding!

I absolutely love what I do and watching clients fall in love with their reflection slowly grew into my love for Boudoir which is where I focus a majority of my time. I still love doing all types of sessions though, but limit how many of this genre I do a month! It is best to inquire early! 

Shelby's 2024 scheduling book is currently closed.

Please reach out to Hailey for her availability.

Meet Hailey, our dedicated associate photographer whose lens is a window into the world of cherished moments and timeless memories.

Beyond the camera, Hailey is a loving wife and mother to three beautiful girls. Her passion for photography blossomed into a full-time commitment nearly three years ago, marking the beginning of an incredible journey. When she's not behind the camera, Hailey finds joy in exploring new places, creating lasting memories with her family, nurturing an array of plants in both her garden and home, and indulging in the art of baking. These varied interests infuse her work with a unique perspective and a genuine connection to life's beautiful intricacies.

Hailey's photography journey has a deeply rooted history, having been the go-to lens for Shelby's personal branding and family photos for years. Her portfolio is as diverse as her interests, encompassing everything from heartwarming family sessions to enchanting engagement shoots, adorable cake smash celebrations, and the tender moments of newborns. Hailey's ability to capture the essence of each occasion is a testament to her skill and passion for the craft.

Not confined to traditional photography, Hailey is also a familiar face at Shelby's Boudie events, where she skillfully captures the empowering spirit and beauty of those who step in front of her lens. In Hailey, you'll find more than a photographer; you'll discover a storyteller, a memory-maker, and a creative soul dedicated to preserving the magic of life's most precious moments. With Hailey behind the camera, every click is a chapter in your unique story waiting to be beautifully told.