Retainers are to be made when booking a photo shoot. After we have discussed a day – you have 48 hours to pay it or the day opens up for someone else. Your spot is not secured until a retainer is made.

A retainer is the sitting fee amount. It is non-refundable under any circumstances (act of nature etc) Please see the cancellation section for more details. Contact me for more information if you have any questions regarding this.

I accept email money transfers, or cash/cheque. 


I am not responsible for how your children act during the photo shoot. Each package has different times. Please choose what you think would be best time for your child(ren). If you do not think 15 mins is long enough - definitely don't go with a mini session as these are extremely time sensitive. However, regardless of behaviour, I am still there "working". If we need to discuss a reschedule - we can do so for a discounted price on a new session. 

If your child is having an off – day and you would like to reschedule , you must do so no later than 3 hours before the photo shoot or you will lose your deposit. Re-scheduling is done on times that I have available. You may reschedule up to (1) time without the loss of your deposit. If you do have to reschedule, you have 4 weeks to do so or that is a loss of deposit. 

Please keep in mind that my studio is not a child free running zone. Although it is child proof I still have my lights and light cord hanging around. If anything is broken during the session due to child running around, by booking the shoot, you have given me full right to charge for cost of repairs/ replacing. 


Absolutely no cameras / cell phone cameras present during any photo shoot with me.  


You can not be late for your photo shoot without notice. If you are late, that is taking away from your time. Your time starts when I have you scheduled regardless if you are there or not, unless prior arrangements have been made. Please leave enough time to get to my studio if you are unsure of where it is. I don’t mind clients being early.

If you do not show up for your photo shoot without notice, you will lose your deposit and I will not re book.

If you are 15 minutes late for your Regular Photoshoot without notification I have the right to refuse to do the photo shoot and it is a loss of deposit. 

If you are 10 minutes late for your Mini session I have the right to refuse to shoot as 5 minutes is not enough time to complete the fulfilled shots. 

It is ideal to be at your photo shoot (regular sessions not mini sessions) 5-10 minutes early to ensure you are not late. Please use this 5-10 minutes wisely as this will be your time to get your child ready and prepped for the shoot. 


If you need to cancel your photo shoot for whatever reason you must contact me ASAP. In order to not loose your deposit you must cancel 3 hours before your photo shoot. Deposits are non – refundable and if you have to cancel your photo shoot, and you do so properly, the deposit will be carried forward to another day. You may only cancel a photo shoot up to one (1) time. 

Cancelled photo shoots MUST be rescheduled within 4 weeks or your it is a loss of deposit. 

Deposits can not be carried forward to another type of shoot. Example: If you have a maternity shoot booked and want to cancel and instead transfer it over towards a newborn shoot - you can not. Deposits are only good for that type of session. 

In the case of a having to cancel your MINI session you had booked, you must do so 3 hours before the photo shoot. Your deposit will be carried forward to a REGULAR session, the same type that you paid for unless I have mini sessions scheduled for another day after. (However if not -Example: You put a deposit down for a mini boudoir session and have to cancel. You can use the deposit you put down ONLY FOR another boudoir REGULAR session.) If you have any questions regarding this - feel free to ask.

Due to the cancellation of cake smashes. I, and my cake maker, can no longer waive the fee you pay in advance for your cake unless it is at the minimum 48 hours notice. Due to the cake being made the night prior, as well as any prep work leading up to the days of making(buying material if needed, etc), you will loose the amount you paid in advance for your cake. If a cake smash is needing to be rescheduled, and is not cancelled within the explained time period, you will have to pay for another cake.


Due to my booking schedule I will always "try" to reserve a date for a reschedule in the event of bad weather. I will reschedule up to 1 time for bad weather however afterwards we need to discuss a plan B of a possible indoor shoot etc. 

When purchasing the disc - I will upload all photos that I edit to an online gallery. This is where you will get to choose the images for your package. The disc will be returned to you in no later than 2 weeks time. In the case of a family emergency or my kids get sick - please allow a possible few extra days to get your disc done. 

Discs are to be picked up at my home. If you are unable to pick up your disc, I can also email them to you via google drive. These photos will be uploaded for up to a week where you can download them to your computer/phone/ipad etc. Most printing places nowadays have online access where you can send pictures to them right from your phone/computer. After the week is up, your album will be deleted. The re-downloading of an album after it has expired will cost $50.00.

If there are more than the number of images included in the package, that you want - I sell each additional image at $25.00 plus tax. 

When ordering images it is your job to ensure that your picture is up to your printing expectations. If there is a mole or blemish on the photo that you would like removed that I did not do so, please notify me beforehand. When you put the order in for prints, you are signing off that the images are up to your printing standards and no prints will be held accountable for me to reprint.

The studio is a nice size where I am able to work freely while parents are standing and we are not all crammed. That being said - I would prefer up to only 2 adults present for the shoot. Anything more than that is squishy, uncomfortable and a distraction for toddlers as well as myself. Please refrain from bringing anyone extra. I have allowed a third to come for special occasions, so if you would like to make a request please message me before hands so I can make sure I accommodate for 3 adults. 


Any bookings made after March of 2020 accepted the fact that their shoot was booked during a pandemic. In the event there is a shut down and I am forced to not run my studio - there are no refunds as stated above. Instead, you will be credited for the same mini session for 2021. For example things such as Christmas Minis etc - refunds will not be given but instead be credited to next years Christmas Minis. Things that are time sensitive like newborn/maternity sessions will be credited with a family session/studio milestone session once a reopen happens. 

Your newborn shoot will almost always fall on a weekday between 4/5-12 days old.  Please make sure your partner (If you are getting family photos done) is able to take a day off before baby reaches the 12 day mark. 

Newborn shoots are always done in the morning starting at between 9-11am. After years of experimenting- I find morning shoots always work out better. 

Once a deposit is made, I will send you a newborn information guide regarding details such as when/how to contact me, how to prepare the baby and yourself, etc.